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Are the missionary leaders sincere?

Some of them are undoubtedly “in it for the money,” but most are probably very sincere in their belief that only people who believe as they do will go to heaven; all others will go to hell forever. Since they believe this so sincerely, some of the missionaries will resort to various tricks and devices [Read More]

Believing “just in case”

I have been told that if I don’t believe in Jesus as my savior I am going straight to Hell after I die. This seems like a compelling reason for me to believe in Jesus particularly since I have also been told that there is no consequence within Judaism if I believe in Jesus. Therefore, [Read More]

Christ at the Checkpoint Conference 2014

After the flood there was a tower called Babel and… We can rest assured that when G-d makes a promise, G-d keeps it. The ills of confusion cast upon the world under Nimrod’s earthly authority remain to this day in ever-changing voices representing an ever-changing language: the Church. With over 33,000 Christian denominations in 238 [Read More]

GPS for the Jewish Soul – Sept. 14, 2014

In this episode of GPS for the Jewish Soul, Ruth Guggenheim is joined by Jews for Judaism Outreach Coordinator, Ira Michaelson. The discussion centers around a lawsuit being brought to trial in Florida where a Jewish woman accuses her step son, a Jews for Jesus employee of printing false information about her in a Jews [Read More]