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A Jewish Passion for God

A Jew’s passion is for God. The first and most basic statement of the Jewish faith proclaims our love and faith in One God, and our commitment and covenant to serve Him with all our heart, soul and strength. Our prayers are full of praise for the Creator, echoing the joy and passion of the [Read More]

Attach Yourself

Attach Yourself Attach yourself to the Creator with complete love. This must surpass your love of any worldly good, because everything is rooted in the Divine. Repeat the following statement: “I want to do God’s will, to cause Him joy, and to worship Him without interruption.” Attach yourself to the Upper World – to the [Read More]

Clear your mind

Clear your mind Clear your mind so that you are not thinking too many thoughts. Your only thought should be: “How do I serve God with joy?” The word b’simcha [with joy] has the same [Hebrew] letters as the word machshava [thought]. Therefore, all thoughts that come your way should be directed to serving God [Read More]

Dancing before God

Dancing before God During Europe’s “Black Plague” (1348-1349), Jews were offered the choice of either conversion to Christianity or death. Thousands of Jews who refused to convert were brutally murdered. The following account is how the Jews of Nordhausen, Germany, went to their deaths as holy martyrs: They asked the burghers to permit them to [Read More]