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Jews and Jewish Christianity – “Proofs” of Christianity in the Hebrew Bible

“Jewish Christians” invariably emphasize the existence of proofs in the Hebrew Bible for everything they believe about Jesus. It is this claim that justifies the entire enterprise of “Jewish Christianity”, and although it is no longer as fashionable among other Christians as it once was, it really is central to the entire development of Christianity. [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – A Final Word

In this book we have tried, sincerely and respectfully, to explain the Jewish point of view concerning Jews who have embraced or are thinking of embracing Christianity. In the final analysis, it is you who must make the decision. In the course of our discussions, we have concentrated on the major theological issues. Could Jesus [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – On Jews, Gentiles, and “Jewish Christians”

Several times in the course of our discussion of Judaism and Christianity we have distinguished between Jews and gentiles. At the outset, we emphasized that this book is directed in part at Jews who are thinking of converting to Christianity. In the chapter dealing with the divinity of Jesus, we explained that for a Jew [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – Preface to The First Printing

Jews And “Jewish Christianity” A Jewish Response to the Missionary Challenge by David Berger and Michael Wyschogrod Contents Preface to The First Printing A Note to the Reader 1. Introduction 2. Jesus and the Messiah 3. Jesus and God 4. “Proofs” of Christianity in the Hebrew Bible 5. The Forgiveness of Sin 6. On Jews, [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – Suggestions for Further Reading

1. Berger, David. The Jewish-Christian Debate in the High Middle Ages: A Critical Edition of the Nizzahon Vetus with an Introduction, Translation and Commentary. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1978. The introduction and commentary present a history and analysis of almost all the major arguments from the beginnings of Christianity through the thirteenth century. 2. Bleich, [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – The Forgiveness of Sin

Contemporary Christianity appears in various forms. While there was a time when almost all Christian churches were engaged in missionizing Jews, in recent times most churches have discontinued special efforts directed at Jews. There are various reasons for this change. One of the most significant is the widespread conviction among many Christian thinkers that Judaism [Read More]