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A Rabbi Cross-examines Christianity

In a Rabbi Cross Examines Christianity, Rabbi Michael Skobac takes you on a fascinating exploration of how a small Messianic movement within Judaism, 2,000 years ago, transformed into a radically non-Jewish world religion. In this lecture, you will learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity, how those roots became obscured over the course of time [Read More]

A Six-Minute Counter-missionary Course

In A Six-Minute Counter-missionary Course Christian missionaries, like Jews for Jesus, claim that Jesus is the Jewish messiah! Why has Judaism rejected this assertion for 2,000 years? Questions should be directed to [email protected] or visit

Are You a Candidate for Recruitment?

“No one JOINS a Cult – they are RECRUITED” Most people assume that if someone gets caught up in a group or organization that appears “unhealthy” or “cult-like” they must have been weak or emotionally unstable and vulnerable to begin with. The reality is, that at any given moment, in any day, each one of [Read More]

Evangelical Christians & Israel

Knight in Shining Armor or Trojan Horse?

The “Christian Right” has emerged as the most enthusiastic supporters of Israel in the world. At the same time, all Evangelicals believe that it is their responsibility to bring all people, including Jews, to Christian faith. This lecture examines the many reasons that draw Evangelicals to Israel and the complex nature of their relationship with [Read More]

How To Answer A Christian Missionary 1/2

In Part #1 of a 2-Part Lecture titled “How To Answer A Christian Missionary”: Rabbi Michael Skobac presents Step-by-Step Biblical Refutations to many Christian missionary claims, offering a Jewish response to “Jews for Jesus” and other Christian missionaries who target Jews. Questions should be directed to [email protected]

Isaiah 53 Explained

A Response to Chosen People Ministries Isaiah 53 Campaign

Q) I was given a book by a friend entitled: Isaiah 53-Explained. It is very confusing and I really don’t know who “the Servant” is……It sounds like it IS talking about “Yeshua Hamoschaich” (Jesus). Is it? A) The book, published by Chosen People Ministry, and distributed free to thousands of Jewish homes, is part of [Read More]

Perishing through Ignorance

For many Jews, it is difficult to imagine anyone becoming a Hebrew-Christian. What kind of people are most vulnerable to the missionary appeal? There are actually many factors that can account for someone’s being “at risk”. Here I’ll focus on just one of them. The problem today remains unchanged from the time the prophet Hosea [Read More]