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A Wedding in Conflict

Issue of the week #6 Note: The following letter was sent to us by a visitor to our site. We invite others to share their viewpoints with us. Dear Two Roads, My (Jewish) cousin is going to marry a Catholic man and this has divided our family. My folks will attend the reception but not [Read More]

December Dilemma

Issue of the week #4 “A couple has agreed upon marriage to raise the children according to one faith (for argument sake, let’s say Judaism). The non-Jewish spouse is trying to “get with the program” and is contemplating conversion – but hasn’t quite reconciled all the issues. The end of the year is upon them [Read More]

The Conversion Dilemma

Issue of the week #1 The Conversion Dilemma “The Jewish partner connecting to his/her roots, especially if he/she is starting to take on mitzvos, can cause a lot of stress in a marriage that was not there before. Even before any commitment to observance, just the thought of the situation arising may be seen as [Read More]

Theological Tug of War

Issue of the week #3 Theological Tug of War with Kids Divorced parents of different faiths can be prohibited from teaching their religious beliefs to their children if it would harm them, the Massachusetts state Supreme Judicial Court has ruled. The father, Jeffrey P. Kendall, is a member of the fundamentalist Boston Church of Christ. [Read More]

When Faith and Relationships are at Odds

Issue of the week #2 When Faith and Relationships are at Odds “I was so strong in my faith. I was certain that when we got married that my husband would ‘see the light’ and join me. I really loved God and I really loved Sam. It is true that we agreed to ‘live and [Read More]