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How To Answer A Christian Missionary 2/2

In Part #2 of a 2-Part Lecture – How to Answer a Christian Missionary: Rabbi Michael Skobac presents Step-by-Step Biblical Refutations to many Christian missionary claims, offering a Jewish response to “Jews for Jesus” and other Christian missionaries who target Jews.

If Cyrus is the “anointed one” mentioned in Daniel 9:25 who is the “anointed one” mentioned in Daniel 9:26?

Answer: The first seven weeks ends in 537 B.C.E. The second segment of the Seventy Weeks period, sixty-two weeks in length, covered by verse 26, culminates in 103 B.C.E. (586-49-434=103 B.C.E.). Verse 26 indicates that “after sixty-two weeks an anointed one shall be cut off.” This “anointed one” is the High Priest Alexander Yannai (103-76 [Read More]