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Angels & Angles

By Aron Moss Question: My religious observance has started to become neurotic. I am forever worried if I am doing things one-hundred-percent right. Did I say the correct blessing? Did I wash my hands correctly before the meal? Did I accidentally violate the Shabbat? I am scared that I’m becoming compulsive. On the other hand, [Read More]

Is Intermarriage Good for the Jews?

Question of the Week: I have always felt an affinity to Queen Esther from the Purim story. Just like me, she married a non-Jew. And because of it she saved the Jewish people. Isn’t the message that intermarriage can be good for the Jews? Answer: Esther is a tragic hero. Unlike many people’s misconception, she [Read More]

Is Prayer a Waste of Time?

Question of the Week: I have a lot of trouble praying. I sit in synagogue and as soon as I start to read the words, my mind wanders. Even when I read the English I find it hard to focus. I suddenly start thinking about work issues or what’s for dinner, anything but the prayers. [Read More]

Judaism and Reincarnation

By Yerachmiel Tilles How prevalent is the Jewish belief in reincarnation today? How does it differ from the Asian belief? What do the Rabbis think of it? The root of the word “Torah” is the verb “to instruct”. Torah’s primary function is to teach us how to live Jewishly, in harmony with G‑d’s will. As [Read More]

Lessons from an Lapsed Skydiver

Question of the Week: I jumped out of a plane last week. I won’t do it again. After free falling for a while (which was amazing) I tried to release my parachute. Nothing happened. I tried again. Nothing happened. So here I was hurtling to the ground without a parachute. I thought this was it. [Read More]

Question of the Week:

  Question of the Week:  My brother is losing his fight for life. The chemotherapy treatment has not worked, and I need to say goodbye to him. I cannot accept his death, he is so young and I love him so much. Can you help me to accept this pain in my heart? Answer: I [Read More]