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Believing “just in case”

I have been told that if I don’t believe in Jesus as my savior I am going straight to Hell after I die. This seems like a compelling reason for me to believe in Jesus particularly since I have also been told that there is no consequence within Judaism if I believe in Jesus. Therefore, [Read More]

Is a “believer” still Jewish?

Is a born-Jewish individual who believes Jesus to be his/her “Lord and Savior” still a part of the Jewish people? A Jew who believes in Jesus as his/her “Lord and Savior” has become a Christian. Even if not a formal member of a church group that person is a Christian theologically. The halacha (B.T. Sanhedrin [Read More]

The Da Vinci Code

A Jewish Perspective

How are we to understand the unprecedented popularity of The Da Vinci Code? Dan Brown’s novel and the box office smash hit film based upon it assert that there has been a massive conspiracy covering up the true story of the origins of Christianity. Is there any truth to this claim? And what does all [Read More]