Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”

We Need a Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”— Not Jews for Jesus Published:  12/6/2016 From: By: Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz   We Need [Read More]


Parsha with Rabbi Kravitz – Vayeira

What was the kindness of Abraham? Here is another episode of Parsha with Rabbi Kravitz. This week's portion opens up with God revealing Himself to…


The Jewish Community and The Non-believer

The Apostate and the Jewish Community The concept of a multi-religions Jewish people is incongruous with the unparalleled historical continuity and social cohesion of the [Read More]


The Silent Holocaust – Rescuing Russian Jews

In today’s evangelical crusade for Jewish souls, missionaries have found one particularly vulnerable segment of our community. Unlike Jews in the West, who are usually [Read More]


Perishing through Ignorance

For many Jews, it is difficult to imagine anyone becoming a Hebrew-Christian. What kind of people are most vulnerable to the missionary appeal? There are [Read More]


Why Jews Cannot Accept the New Testament

A TEXT OUT OF CONTEXT… IS JUST A PRETEXT Why Jews Cannot Accept the New Testament By Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz For centuries, Christians have asked [Read More]


I am Jewish my Spouse is Not.

Where do we relate to the Jewish Community? How do I find ways to keep a connection to my traditions and my people? A New [Read More]


Jews for Jesus – Heavenly Deception?

Just a few examples: 1) In a Jews for Jesus booklet entitled “Jewishness And The Trinity,” in an attempt to prove their point they quote [Read More]


Anti-Gravity Chair Weighed Me Down.

Our home is user friendly. We love to host visitors and guests. So it was a no-brainer to redo our backyard with a nice sitting [Read More]