Jews for Judaism Staff - Eli Cohen

Eli Cohen

Executive Director - Australia

Rabbi Eli Cohen is the founding Director of the Sydney branch of Jews for Judaism, as well as a consultant to Jews for Judaism International. Born in 1979 in London UK, Rabbi Cohen attended Rabbinical colleges around the world including the Rabbinical College of America and the Rabbinical college of Canada.

Rabbi Cohen has been involved in Jewish outreach and education since 1995. He began to specialize in the counter-missionary field in 2004. He has taught numerous courses on Jewish-Christian polemics and has appeared on radio programs.

Rabbi Cohen has, on numerous occasions, engaged in one-on-one counselling with Jews involved in Christianity. Many of these individuals are now reintegrated into the Jewish community.

Rabbi Cohen is also the founding spiritual leader of the Kensington Shul.

He and his wife, Shani, reside in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and are the parents of three children.