Skokie Community Briefed on Missionaries

Jews for Judaism activist Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz spent this past Shabbos in Illinois speaking about rescuing Jews from evangelicals.
'Jews for Judaism' director Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz was the scholar in resident at the Lubavitch Center in Skokie, IL. Rabbis Yosef Posner and Yochanan Posner organized the weekend Shabbaton that included a festive Shabbos meal and a lecture entitled "Missionary Impossible." Rabbi Kravitz spoke about his 25 years of experience rescuing Jews from evangelical missionary groups. He explained how the current threat of conversions to other religions is more prevalent than ever due to the widespread use of the internet and sophisticated and deceptive tactics employed by missionaries. Kravitz’s second presentation demonstrated how missionaries twist both biblical and rabbinic texts in an attempt to prove their point of view. He also discussed the Jewish understanding of how other religions developed. A highlight of the weekend was Kravitz’s recollection of personal encounters with the Rebbe that helped formulate his approach to saving Jews from conversion. On Motzoei Shabbos, Rabbi Naftoly Hershkovich of Chabad of Niles (IL) and F.R.E.E hosted Rabbi Kravitz to discuss how missionaries specifically target Russian emigrants. Kravitz offered practical ways of empowering Jews against missionary arguments including his Jewish Response to Missionaries handbook, written with the brocha of the Rebbe, and available for free download in seven languages, including Russian, at JewsForJudaism.org.