Missionaries Growing on Campus

 src=Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz of Jews for Judaism, back from a lecture tour in North Carolina and Arizona, warns of growing missionary activity on U.S. campuses. Chabad on Campus Partners with Jews for Judaism Growing concern about missionary activity targeting Jewish college students is motivating Chabad Shluchim on campus to turn to Jews for Judaism for assistance. Jews for Judaism’s world-renowned cult and missionary expert, Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz, noted that "missionaries are more effective than ever because of their extensive use of the internet and peer-to-peer proselytizing. This is compounded by the deceptive misquoting of biblical and rabbinic passages and masquerading Christianity in the guise of Judaism." Jews for Judaism recently joined forces with Chabad of University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill, Duke University, Arizona State University (ASU) and Northern Arizona State (NAU). Following a Shabbaton at Chabad of UNC and Duke, Rabbi Zalman Bluming said, "Our students were spellbound by an insightful and relevant presentation that left dozens of our community members empowered and proud of their identity The subtle forces of missionaries and a pressure to conform to the majority is a real threat and is being tackled ably and tactfully by Jews for Judaism." Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel of Chabad at ASU coordinated a Jews for Judaism presentation co-sponsored by Chabad, Hillel and AEPi. Sophomore Brandon Welner called the presentation "excellent and informative about an area of expertise which is essential for us on campus." Psychology major Gabe Isenberg stated that Kravitz’s “personal anecdotes are very inspirational and brought a lot to my understanding of the topic." Rabbi Dovie Shapiro of Chabad at NAU hosted a program that attracted students and professors, Jews and non-Jews. Students told him that “the critical thinking skills and tools to cope with peer pressure that Jews for Judaism offers are extremely relevant and helpful.” For the past two years Jews for Judaism has participated at the Chabad on Campus conference. The organization provides a vast amount of free information on their two websites, JewsforJudaism.org and Be-True.org. To arrange a Jews for Judaism presentation, contact Rabbi Zalman Kravitz at 310-566-3344 or email zalman@JewsforJudaism.org.