The Truth About the Messiah - Part 7

Rabbi Shochet explains to Jewish perspective of the Messiah, the truth about the Messiah. 

When a young man brought up in a Messianic Jewish family raises a question about the Oral Law to Rabbi Shochet, this is what he brings to light.

Question: I am personally born in a Messianic Jewish family with parents who believe that Yeshua is Messiah and his question was about the New Testament which gives authority to the interpretation of people like Rabbis. Tell us about the Oral Law.

Rabbi answers:

When I speak about the written Torah that does not really refer to the whole Bible, the written Torah is a sect or the whole Bible is part of the written Torah, all these things are recorded but the essence the beginning and the end of everything is the five books of Moses. No one, the greatest prophets on earth can add one letter or one iota or diminish one letter or one iota from the five books of Moses. Judaism begins and ends with Moses. And if you look at the various other prophetic books they really don't say anything in terms of religion being divine revelation, divine inspiration, a divine code of conduct, the only rules of conduct appear in the five books of Moses. The prophetic books, they are sermons, the prophecies, but basically sermonic prophecies where the prophets lambaste the people.

They chastise them - look what you have done and it isn't that and because of your career is lifestyle it's lost these and those things are going to happen to as punishments prophesizing all these things also prophesizing the bliss etc etc.

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