The Jewish Answer

Israel is in an extremely dangerous area of the world, surrounded by Arab countries that have threatened its extermination, Jews there live with a certain amount of anxiety. However, there is another much more dangerous threat to the Jewish people living in Israel.

There are groups who claim to be Jewish, that are targeting Jews for conversion to what is known as Hebrew Christianity (Messianic Judaism). These groups are gaining ground and a voice in Israel. They use deceptive and manipulative tactics to share their form of Christianity with Jewish people, trying to convince them that it is perfectly fine to be Jewish and believe Jesus is the Messiah. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some of these groups include: Messiah of Israel; Maoz Israel; Chosen People; Jews for Jesus; Joseph's StoreHouse (same group as Vision for Israel and Kehila.com - a messianic on-line community asssociated with Daystar Christian TV)