You are the Target

In this video, "You Are the Target," learn the tactics employed by Christian missionaries who target Jews for conversion.

Here is a brief transcript:

Welcome to all and join me as we go on a journey together discovering how the writings of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament connect. As a Gentile believer having partnered with discovering the Jewish Jesus, I feel more complete as a follower of Yeshua and I am confident that the Lord will do the same. The Lord will bless you today the Lord loves you.

It's exactly what happened to our son, it can happen to anybody. So this is not simply a theological religious issue this is also a social psychological issue as well. I just pray that I can save one other mother the kind of pain that we're doing. Without Judaism, life will just be empty. In one sentence, Jews for Judaism saved my life. College life, it's a time of freedom it's a time of growth and learning who you are it's a time of exciting new beginnings and good times with new friends. But college and the beginning of adulthood is also the time when you can become an easy target of spiritual predators and some are very deceptive like wolves who wear sheep's clothing.

Every Saturday morning Jews from around the world participate in their synagogue Shabbat service like the one you see here. From all accounts this appears to be a typical Shabbat service but surprisingly this is a service organized by one of thousands of deceptive Christian groups. Their goal - to get us to abandon the faith that is the fabric of our lives. Doing this has been what's engaged more and more Jews because they're trying to promote it as the fulfillment of Judaism that this is true and authentic Judaism and this is the completion of our Jewish faith system. Their theology teaches that unless if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and that he died for your sins you're going to burn in hell. The Jew has always been a pivotal cog in this and also the belief that the more Jews that come around to believe in Jesus the likelihood is that he will come again.

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