The Real Jewish Messiah: Rabbi Blumenthal Debates Dr. Michael Brown - Part 1 of 3

THE REAL JEWISH MESSIAH DEBATE: Rabbi Blumenthal vs. Dr. Michael Brown - Part 1 (ASKDrBrown) For Dr. Brown's. Over the last year, Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Yisroel C. Blumenthal have engaged in a series of back and forth video presentations on YouTube. These discussions have led Dr. Brown and Rabbi Blumenthal to agree to a simultaneous online 3-Part "Virtual Debate". This presentation, released at noon on May 15, 2017, is the first part of this virtual debate. At noon on June 19, 2017 Rabbi Blumenthal and Dr. Brown will release a simultaneous "Rebuttal" of each others's "Real Jewish Messiah" and at noon July 24, 2017 they will similarly post their 20-minute response to each other's rebuttals. If the viewing audience enjoys this unique debate approach, Dr. Brown and Rabbi Blumenthal may consider doing other Virtual Debates on the issues that stand between them. www.JudaismResources.com The goal of Judaism Resources is to bring the truth, the beauty and the strength of Judaism to those who seek it. We counter the false arguments of missionary groups such as Chosen People Ministries, Jews for Jesus, ASKDrBbrown, and others. We answer common questions such as: Why don't Jews believe in Jesus? Why don't Jews accept Jesus? We articulate the Jewish position on issues such as the Messiah, Torah, and atonement from sins.