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ISRAEL: Can ancient Bible prophecies about Israel be true?

Is the Bible true or even relevant today? This video will put those questions to rest! (Reproduced by JEWS FOR JUDAISM with permission from http://thelandofisrael.com/)

Here is a short introduction to what is in the video:

Why are the Jewish people in Israel today? Is it random is it a coincidence or is it destiny? What's happening in Israel today is the culmination of Jewish history. For almost four thousand years the Jewish people have been living on faith - faith and prophecies given thousands of years ago.

Promises that seem irrational, promises that seem almost impossible, every prophecy dependent on the next; if one isn't true none of them are true, every single one of them is coming to pass in our lifetime every single one of them. The first promise to Israel was made to Abraham, an eternal covenant and I shall establish a covenant between me and you and between your offspring after you throughout their generations as an everlasting covenant. The Jewish people are the only ancient people alive today. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Jebusites, the Canaanites all of them are gone. No nation has survived such scattering and then remained the nation. They became assimilated and eventually any trace of the original was gone. We, an eternal people stand alive today. We also know that if the Jewish people don't live a godly life in the Land of Israel we're promised to be scattered to four corners of the earth which is you know guaranteed to cause an extinction of any people. The last thing you would want to do to an eternal people is to scatter them across the world with no common culture, no common language, no internet no forms of communication, how will the Jewish people stay Jewish how will we stay eternal if we're scattered across the world and yet that's exactly what happened.

We remain the people not only just a faith or religion but a family. Deuteronomy 4:27 says €œGod will scatter you among the peoples and you will be left few in number€. The most recent census numbers the Chinese people at 1.3 billion plus or minus 12 million - 12 million that's the entire number of all of the Jewish people worldwide. We're a statistical error when just counting the people in China, that's how small we are.

The fact that we're scattered and small and we've been subject to the greatest hatred in human history.


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