JEWISH CONNECTION TO ISRAEL This Land Is Mine. G-d Gave This Land to Me.

THIS LAND IS MINE, G-D GAVE THIS LAND TO ME with Rabbi Eliezer Breitowitz (Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Toronto) is part of Jews for Judaism's THE JEWISH CONNECTION TO ISRAEL lecture series.

Israel is one of the most contentious issues in the world today. A magnet to Jews, Christians and Muslims the land that is ground zero of the Bible provokes tremendous passion everywhere. Rabbi Breitowitz explores the Biblical and Rabbinic perspectives dealing with the meaning and importance of the Land of Israel and the relationship of the Jewish people to it. With this foundation we can consider how current tensions in the Middle East may unfold and what we might look forward to in the future.

Before we can try to understand the roots of the conflict facing Israel and the Jewish people in the Middle East, we must appreciate what the Torah and the Bible says about the Jews and their connection to the Land of Israel. Topics such as 1967 Six-Day War, BDS, Fatah, GAZA, Hamas, Hezbollah, IDF, Intifada, Israel Apartheid Week, IDF, Jerusalem, Judaism, Judea & Samaria, Jerusalem, Temple Mount, Torah, West Bank and Zionism cannot be appreciated without the context of the Torah's perspective on Israel.


Today, Jews worldwide are being coerced, threatened and manipulated into abandoning their claim to Israel.

Tragically, more than ever they are succumbing to these challenges. Confronted virulent anti-Israel activists with unscrupulous agendas their very freedom to make informed choices about Israel is being compromised.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise and universities are flooded with vile anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) propaganda that inhibits and frightens many young Jewish students from standing up for Israel and Judaism.

The tragic result "countless young Jews are abandoning any commitment to Israel" and in some cases, even their connection to the Jewish faith.

Here is a common scenario of what can transpire: The Levin family calls Jews for Judaism because of their daughter Rachel. She is feeling pressured to marry a Muslim man and accept his faith. Rachel originally met Ahmed at a Pro-Palestinian rally on her university campus. She was greatly impressed by the Palestinians' case against Israel. Ahmed is having great influence on her attitudes to Judaism, Israel and even her family. She is questioning her Judaism and developing strong anti-Israel sentiments.

This is not an isolated example. Led by the BDS movement on our campuses where tomorrow's leaders are in training Jew-hatred is gaining momentum. The BDS movement has hijacked the hearts and minds of socially conscious Jewish youth.

Disguised by the paper-thin mask of anti-Zionism, the stated goal of the BDS is the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state. Sadly, young Jewish adults on campus are poorly prepared and very intimidated to respond to these promoters of hate and anti-Judaism.

To inspire Jews to be confident and knowledgeable in defense of Israel, and to help Jews not to be intimidated by the growing, vicious BDS movement, Jews for Judaism is very proud to be present Rabbi Eliezer Breitowitz's THIS LAND IS MINE, G-D GAVE THIS LAND TO ME, part of our THE JEWISH CONNECTION ISRAEL lecture series.