Was Jesus the Son of G-d?

For many Christians, it is difficult to understand how it is possible someone to read the bible and not see several clear biblical passages that point to Jesus. On the flip side, from the Jewish perspective, when one reads the bible it is impossible to see Jesus in the text. Was Jesus the Son of G-d?

One of the key and defining factors that differentiate Judaism and Christianity is the definition of Gods Unity. From a Jewish perspective, it is impossible to have a Human incarnation of God. In this video, Rabbi Skobac explores the fallacy of Jesus being the son of G-D.

The following adaptation is based on the transcript of the video.

Who is the Son of God?

Many Christians believe the Jesus was the son of god or a person like anyone else. In the Jewish context the term Son of God applies to all Jews, we are all called the sons of God.

(The following are examples from the text, not mentioned in the video. Exodus 4:22: "Israel is My son, my firstborn"; Deuteronomy 14:1: "You are the children of the Lord your God"; and Hosea 2:1: "It will be said to them: 'You are the children of the living God.')

Who was Jesus?

Judaism doesn't accept the fact that Jesus was any special human being, we don't believe he was a prophet or a great teacher at all. I believe that he was someone that was a Jew, who lived we know live around 2,000 years ago, claimed to be the Messiah and wasn't. The truth is that it wasn't unusual, 2,000 years ago to find people believing they were Messiah, the New Testament and Josephus each mentioned several other people who claimed to be Messiah, they attracted followings and ultimately the movements disappeared.

In conclusion, I don't know how one could imagine, or assume that Jesus was son of god, as of the Christians say he was.

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