Fifteen years ago, Yehudah Tebbitt was an Evangelical Christian Minister. Let's find out the story of someone who was raised a Christian and why he chose Judaism.

He began seeking the original roots of his faith and soon was questioning many key doctrines of Christianity. This led him to a deep involvement in the "Messianic Jewish" movement. His search ultimately led him all the way back to the Jewish faith.

Do people in the Jewish  community appreciate what they have? How many of such Jews do? As Jews, we have a sense of mission. We as Jewish people were put into this world by God with a very holy mission, the holy nation of the Jewish people and it is a kingdom of priests. Priests are teachers, we are here to be teachers of the world. The Torah tells us that one day the world is going to turn to us and ask us to teach them about how to have a relationship with God. Doesn't this sound difficult to imagine, would it ever happen? But now we are living in a time and place that it is happening. It could be God's way of running the world that He allows Christianity and Islam to spread across the world and ultimately preparing the world for the ultimate truth, of the true Messiah and the true religion of Judaism. This is a very important story and you will be hearing this story tonight from someone who went through this himself. Someone who was raised as a Christian, someone who led his life as a dedicated Christian and somehow found his way back to his roots - Judaism. Why he chose Judaism, let's find out.

This video tells us about how Yehudah Tebbitt, an evangelical Christian minister starts to seek his original roots and comes back to Judaism. Watch the video for more information and if you have any questions or comments, please direct them to RabbiSkobac@JewsForJudaism.ca