HOW TO CHANGE PEOPLE'S MINDS ABOUT ISRAEL Israel Advocacy Workshop, Rob Walker, Hasbara Fellowships

HOW TO CHANGES PEOPLE'S MINDS ABOUT ISRAEL: An Israel Advocacy Workshop with Rob Walker, Director of Hasbara Fellowships Hasbara Fellowships Canada is a not-for-profit organization which equips pro-Israel university students with the skills, training and motivation to effectively advocate for Israel on campuses across Canada. Hasbara Fellowships Canada, in partnership with Aish Toronto, brings hundreds of students to Israel every summer and winter, giving them the information and tools to return to their campuses as educators about Israel (these students are called Hasbara Fellows). So far, Hasbara Fellowships has educated over 3,000 students on over 250 university campuses. Upon returning from the program, the Hasbara Fellows receive support from our staff, as well as access to various campaigns, programs, speakers and other materials and tools. Hasbara Fellowships was created to: 1. Offer a proactive method for pro-Israel university students to learn best practices about Israel activism. 2. Help students identify areas of opportunity for pro-Israel outreach, including with campus media, campus government, other campus groups, etc. 3. Help pro-Israel students build a personal narrative about Israel, allowing them to be more effective at changing hearts and minds on campus. 4. Make supporting Israel on campus and identifying as Jewish safe for Jewish students for many years to come.