HOW TO ANSWER A CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY: Step-by-Step Biblical Refutations


by Rabbi Michael Skobac, Education Director of JEWS FOR JUDAISM (Canada) HOW TO ANSWER A CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY was recorded by Rabbi Michael Skobac in 1991. It is probably one of the best, concise anti-missionary educational audio tools in existence for the Jewish community. Jews for Judaism has digitized the original cassette audio tape recording for the benefit of our worldwide audience. Please share this vital preventive educational tool and its accompanying set of notes . To download the lecture notes, please go to www.jewsforjudaism.ca/how-to-answer-a-christian-missionary. THE PROBLEM: Today, Evangelical Christians are aggressively targeting Jewish people for conversion. There are over 1000 different organizations operating in North America specifically working to bring Jewish people into the Christian faith. Many of these groups camouflage themselves to appear Jewish in order to lessen resistance to conversion. They may call their clergy "rabbis" and refer to their churches as "synagogues". They often celebrate Jewish holidays with a Christological spin and wear traditional Jewish skullcaps and prayer shawls. Their goal is to create the impression that a Jew can become a Christian and still maintain his or her Jewish identity. Aside from these groups specializing in reaching Jews, there are thousands of missionary organizations evangelizing all non-Christians. They operate widely over the Internet, broadcast television and radio programs, run large public events, send their field workers to distribute literature and visit people at their homes and places of work. Obviously, we Jews will also encounter this missionary threat, and all too frequently, the person asking us to embrace Jesus will simply be a Christian friend, neighbour or business associate. This YouTube recording was created to provide you with a basic understanding of the issues most commonly raised by Christian missionaries. It is intimidating to be confronted with a barrage of Biblical quotations from someone intent on subverting your faith. This recording will help you learn that there is another side to the story that missionaries present. May you continue to explore and experience the profound wisdom, beauty and joy of Judaism.

Photo of Rabbi Skobac by Mozes Yehudiaoff