SHABBAT & HOLIDAYS: Creating Islands in Time with Rabbi Michael Skobac is the "fourth" of a 6-part lecture series called: DEEPENING JEWISH EXPERIENCE: The Spiritual Dimension

If you want to deepen your understanding of Judaism, are seeking more from your Jewish experience, or are just curious €” then this seminar is for you! In six stimulating sessions, Rabbi Skobac explores Jewish wisdom and inspirational teachings, discovering their profound relevance to your life. Enjoy!

Here is a short transcript:

Today we begin by sharing a parable that was taught about 300 years ago by the founder of the Cassidic revival, the Balshemtov. He spoke about a musician who once was playing a very beautiful melody that had a wondrous rhythm to it and all the sweetness of the world.  And those people who were in the room with him, were so captured by this music that they were jumping and dancing with incredible joy. A deaf man entered the room and he saw all tehse people jumping up and down, frantically running around, doing somersaults and he assumed that these were people that we insane. He thought he was in the Institute! The Balshemtov said, the problem obviously is that he can't hear the music. Judaism has a music that can be heard when you begin to study its depths and you begin to experience it. It doesnt often come through just by reading about Judaism. You actually have to taste Judaism. That is what this lecture is all about - deepening Jewish experience - the spiritual dimension.

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