Who Sent The Wagons?

In the story of Yoseph’s descent to Egypt and his rise to leadership, we read that during the famine wagons full of supplies were sent [Read More]


Biblical Sources for the 7 Noachide laws

Waterfalls at Yosemite Park by C.L.Five of the Noahide Commandments are explicitly found in different verses in the Book of Genesis, and one is found…

The Meaning of Pneuma and Its Role In The Gospels

Continued from Part 31 Pneuma, “spirit” and parakletos, “helper” The Greek word for spirit (pneuma) has many different meanings, the correct one being determined only from the…

The True Answer Of The Father Of Jesus

Continued from Part 26 Establishing paternity   In Matthew’s version of the alleged conception of Jesus story (Matthew 1:18) it states that Mary “was found to…