Jews for Judaism #keepmeJewish Campaign


Draw out your soul to the hungry.” ~ Isaiah (Yesha’yahu) 58:10

Jews for Judaism recognizes the need to feed the Jewish soul and encourages everyone to participate in our December month-long “Giving Jewish” campaign. Each donation received serves a Jewish man, woman or child in his or her direct connection to G-d.

Think about it. What does Chanukah mean to you? Beneath the rich traditions of lighting the menorah, communing with friends and family over festive meals, spinning dreidels and singing songs we find modern and ancient meaning in the battle for the Jewish soul and charity. When our children listen to us explain the value of tzedakah as coins are placed in their hands they learn the value of mercy and human life. And when they hear the fearless accounts of our formidable Jewish soldiers fighting the Greeks for the preservation and sanctity of Torah life and our Covenant with G-d, their souls are nourished with the sustenance of our great Nation.

Today Jews for Judaism is that army, the defense force against missionaries, evangelicals and cult leaders that target us daily in a mass effort to eliminate our Jewish identity and corral our souls into freight cars headed for spiritual death camps within the compounds of false religion. It is our goal to bring a substantial force of resistance through Torah education; community awareness; telephone, internet and one-on-one personal support for those who are vulnerable and/or in jeopardy when faced by spiritual oppression; organized classes and lectures by renowned Jewish rabbis, scholars and educators; an international presence to assist the Jewish People in all parts of the world; and most of all, the love and compassion that heals wounds and opens doors to Judaism.

Please join hands with us in this endeavor; your support today means our survival tomorrow. Our goal is to reach $10,000.00 by December 31, 2014 to sustain our outreach efforts. Chanukah reminds us of the great miracle when a little bit of oil burned for eight days during our revolt against Greek assimilation; may we be such a light to our people and the nations for many generations to come by keeping Jews Jewish.


Kol Tuv,


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