Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

The presentation was informative and engaging. Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom… Your point about the vulnerability of even Orthodox kids to the methods of Christian missionaries was especially important and well taken.

Keith Miller

Presented in a caring and exciting way, you have a real knack for teaching children. It was a pleasure to have you here.

Neal Federman

Your karate demonstration was superb as was your message to the children and their parents on the threat to Jews from Messianic Judaism.

Rabbi Michael S. Beals

I found your style of discourse to be engaging…sometimes riveting. I especially appreciate how personable you were, sharing stories from your own life to make your point.

Rob Petroff

Your varied presentation style full of humorous anecdotes, visual demonstrations, and audience participation captured the attention of the 150 teenagers in the audience for over an hour, while maintaining the integrity of your message. You have a true talent that only the top presenters have.

Marcy Goldberg

Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation. Your sense of humor and sensitivity were appreciated. We look forward to you returning to speak again.