Carolyn Moore

Several kids commented upon how much they had learned and how interesting they found the whole presentation….the strategic suggestions you brought them are exactly what they needed

Rabbi Eli J. Schochet

Your presentations were masterpieces of drama, wit, sensitivity and, most important, exceedingly informative. Additionally, you have literally saved for the Jewish people many who otherwise would have been lost to us.

Susan Neubauer

You were able to provoke meaningful and insightful questions from our young people, and, of course, you answered these questions with characteristic humor, patience and respect… In addition, you provided them with a clear sense of what is uniquely Jewish.

Rabbi Seth Hochberg-Miller

Your presentation and manner were lively, engaging and informative… That you could maintain the interest and cooperation of the students for the two-hour session speaks well of your ability as a presenter and the accessibility of your presentation… the evening was tremendously successful

Rabbi David M. Frank

Your insight into cults and methodology of fundamentalist religious groups is penetrating… You  were highly relevant and accessible to our students… a most engaging and knowledgeable speaker.

Rabbi Lisa Goldstein

Your unique presentation was both informative and engaging… after attending the program, we feel that many students are now better prepared to challenge missionaries and other high-pressure religious groups.. Your passion for Judaism has inspired our students.

Rabbi Howard Landau

You truly “rescued” our program and the boys were very captivated. Within your entertaining delivery, you discussed real issues that touched their lives in a powerful.