The Ultimate Question of Who Is The One True God

Jesus, the man, is said to be the mediator between God and men.  Paul writes, “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).   Jesus is called a “man,” even after his alleged resurrection.  Now, if this supposedly resurrected Jesus were himself God and acted in total accord with the other two-thirds of God, he could not be a mediator, an intermediary or conciliator,  “between God and men.”

How Could Jesus Still Be All Knowing After His Resurrection?

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Similarly, when asked if he would “at this time” restore the kingdom of Israel (Acts 1:6) Jesus replied:  “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has placed in His own jurisdiction” (Acts 1:7).  Are we to conclude that the “equal” partners of the triune godhead have powers and knowledge, which they do not share with each other?  Even after his supposed resurrection, Jesus is still not all-knowing but is said to receive increments of knowledge from God.  

Where The New Testament Refutes The Christian Trinity


The Master and the servant
There are many New Testament passages that refute the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.  An examination of statements attributed to Jesus by the Gospels, shows that he never said he was God or a part of God.  Jesus spoke of his Father in heaven as his God (John 20:17), to whom he attributed superior authority, knowledge, and greatness (Matthew 20:23, Mark 13:32, John 14:28).  The Trinity doctrine says “the Father” and “the Son” are coequal in power and substance, but what does the New Testament have to say?

Understanding How Jesus Shared His Portion of Spoils

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Jesus and the spoils of war shared with the mighty.
What portion did Jesus share with the great, what spoil did he divide with the mighty? Who are the “great” and who are the “mighty” with whom he supposedly interacted and shared the “spoil”?   Where and what is the fulfillment?   Is fulfillment left to the “he’s coming any day now” second coming farce?  Christians, get over it, he’s not coming back–not then, not now, not ever.

Is It Even Possible For One To Suffer For The Sins of Mankind?

Did Jesus suffer vicariously for the sins of mankind?
Jesus is often portrayed as suffering vicariously for the sins of mankind.  No support for such a doctrine is to be found in verse 10.  The verse does not say that the servant offered himself on behalf of others.  Absolutely nothing is said about offering oneself for other people’s sins.