What The Gospels Truly Say About Jesus Being Afflicted

Continued from Part 6

Jesus’ popularity in review:

Do the Gospel’s describe Jesus as a person who “was despised and rejected,” or from whom people fled?  The words:  “He was despised and rejected of men … and as one from whom men hide their faces … and we esteemed him not” cannot be applied to Jesus if one is to believe the Gospel narratives. 

How The Romans Continued To Persecute The Jewish People

The Romans were ever vigilant against a Jewish insurrection.  Tenacious in their loyalty to ancestral beliefs and customs Jews presented Rome with a unique security problem, once their religious sensibilities were aroused.  Moreover, there was the Jewish refusal to practice the formalities of state worship.

David’s Story

David was a fine Jewish boy, who excelled in his studies and was well-liked by everyone. However, he attended a Catholic school. His parents had decided that the quality of the education in the public schools was deteriorating, and since there was no Jewish school in their city, they sent him to the local Catholic school

Where Can You Go But Jerusalem?

Standing at the kotel (wall) for the first time, the famous “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem, I felt… Words vanish. Then come back, but inadequately. I felt… Connected. Close. Myself. Reality. Holiness. God. The place where our Jewish past, countless sacrifices and offerings, battles both spiritual and physical, meets our beautiful future. Rebuild Your Holy Temple. [Read More]