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The Counter-missionary Survival Seminar

This highly acclaimed seminar is designed to provide the tools and knowledge to respond confidently to any missionary who challenges your beliefs. The curriculum covers all of the major claims that are raised by Christian missionaries. Attendees leave with a tremendous boost in their Jewish pride and confidence. The Counter-Missionary Survival Seminar is offered in [Read More]

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Meeting Today’s Challenges To Jewish Survival

A recent full-page ad in Jewish publications warned, “If You’re Jewish, Chances Are That Your Grand children Won’t Be”. Our program examines four serious threats to Jewish continuity: aggressive Christian evangelism, manipulative cults, intermarriage and the lure of Eastern religions, as well as the ways to meet these challenges.

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The Da Vinci Code: A Jewish Perspective

Dan Brown’s best-selling novel has become a cultural phenomenon. We will discuss the reasons for this popularity, its significance and will critically examine the major premises of the book. Brown’s assertion that the Church has covered up the real history of Christianity emerges in a work of fiction. This lecture will explore an alternative vision [Read More]

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Inside Missionary Mind

Inside The Missionary Mind

Some intriguing paradoxes emerge at the intersection of Christian theology, psycho logy and philosophy. Judaism and Christianity frequently approach spiritual issues from totally opposite perspectives. This lecture probes these areas and provides some insight into the ways that missionaries think.

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Is Religion Killing Judaism?

This revealing presentation examines some of the negative stereotypes that people have about religion and how Judaism suffers by association. The issues addressed include today’s preference for spirituality over religion, the sentiment that religion is a “crutch for those who need it” and the contention that religions divide people, thereby causing strife in the world. [Read More]

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A Rabbi Cross-examines Christianity

This program takes you on a fascinating exploration of how a small Messianic movement within Judaism, 2,000 years ago, transformed into a radically non-Jewish world religion. In this lecture, you will learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity, how those roots became obscured over the course of time and what surprising developments may lie ahead.

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The Real Messiah

A Response to Missionaries Does the Bible provide a clear template for who the Messiah will be and what he will do? How do we know if this template is trustworthy? This lecture provides refreshing insights into this fascinating issue, and examines how Christianity developed a distorted Messianic vision.

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Evangelicals & Israel

 Knight in Shining Armor or Trojan Horse? The “Christian Right” has emerged as the most enthusiastic supporters of Israel in the world. At the same time, all Evangelicals believe that it is their responsibility to bring all people, including Jews, to Christian faith. This lecture examines the many reasons that draw Evangelicals to Israel and [Read More]

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