Programs & Services

Jews for Judaism Speakers

Jews for Judaism’s preventative education programs are a most powerful means for innoculating the Jewish community against the threat of deceptive Christian missionary and destructive cult groups.

Counseling & Referral

Jews for Judaism offers exit and family crisis counseling and referral, individual sessions with people who are affected by cults or missionary groups. Contact the Jews for Judaism center nearest you for further information on this valuable service.

Shabbat and Holiday Hospitality

Shabbat and Jewish Holidays are a unique opportunity to discover one’s inner self and a personal relationship with God.
Hospitality can make a big difference in a Jew’s Life. Click here to read how it affected one couple.
Together with the Rabbis of Jews for Judaism you can explore the beauty, depth and inner meaning of Shabbat, as well as the practical observance of our holidays. No religious background or knowledge of Hebrew is required. We will walk you through step by step.

Community Programming

Intermarriage and Interdating

High School Student Outreach

College Outreach and Engagement