Missionary Groups Target Jews

Christian missionary groups have been planting literature targeting Jews at unsuspecting Jewish venues in the Los Angeles area recently, according to an alert sent out by Jews for Judaism, an anti-missionary group. Rabbi Benzion Kravitz, director of Jews for Judaism, says that a 75-page booklet containing the “Gospel According to Luke” in Hebrew and English [Read More]

Living the Chai Life

December 20, 2001 Agoura’s Chai Center gives Jewish kids a place to connect. By Wendy J. Madnick Share  

From Behind The Orange Curtain

Article from HERITAGE newspaper 2/5/2001 Used with permission ‘Jews for Judaism’ message: “Christianity is not a religion for Jews” by Stan Brin That an Orthodox might speak to teenagers and parents of a Conservative congregation might be considered news by itself. And that the teens, their parents — and their rabbi — appreciated the Orthodox [Read More]

The Gospel According to Agape

November 30, 2000 Thousands of Jews flock to an ecumenical church in Culver City. What does that tell us about Judaism? By Julie G Fax Share  

Praying for Southern Baptists

November 4, 1999 By Curt Schleier By Curt Schleier Share I’m not surprised that Southern Baptists are praying for the conversion of the Jews. I’m praying for Southern Baptists. I pray that they see how hypocritical and offensive it is for them to say they love Jews and in the same breath trash our religion. [Read More]

The Play’s Not the Thing

July 31, 1997 Up Front The Play’s Not the Thing According to reviews, “Mendel and Moses,” a musical playing at the Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills, isn’t much of a play. But it is provoking — at least in some corners of the Jewish community — significant controversy. Rabbi Benzion Kravitz, founder and director of [Read More]