Community Alert: Christian Evangelicals Offering Shabbat Retreat for Har Nof Orphans

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) , whose core mission is to tell the world that jesus is coming back and to spread that word from Jerusalem, has launched a widely publicized online/email campaign to comfort and support the bereaved families of the Har Nof massacre.

“This very weekend, the ICEJ is sponsoring a ‘Shabbat retreat’ for the 24 children who lost their fathers in that attack. They will stay in guest houses in the Galilee and receive special counseling from experts trained to deal with terror victims. They will also be offered therapeutic activities as well as Bible lessons before re-joining their families early next week.”

ICEJ states that they are “determined to be a source of comfort and healing” for the traumatized families. The Jewish communities in Israel and throughout the Diaspora should know that ICEJ is equally determined to bring the “good news” of jesus to the Jews.

For example, just last month, Jewish IDF soldiers were commanded to march on stage before a Christian crowd at ICEJ’s  Feast of the Tabernacles,  and were subjected to a public sermon, given by missionary Robert Stearns, about the Jewishness of Jesus.  They were told  by ICEJ’s David Parsons that the prayers from churches and saints were behind them.

In addition, the Jewish community should know that ICEJ actively promotes the messianic missionary community in Israel.

It goes without saying that any well-intentioned Jewish activists who are coordinating activities and fundraising efforts with the ICEJ should be aware that such efforts empower Christian outreach to Jews in Israel.