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A Twisted Thing: An Interfaith Story

Issue of the week #5 Note: The following letter was sent to us by a visitor to our site in response to an earlier “issue”. We invite others to share their viewpoints with us. The pasuk (verse) says: A twisted thing cannot be straightened, and that which is missing cannot be numbered. (Koheles 1:15). My [Read More]

A Wedding in Conflict

Issue of the week #6 Note: The following letter was sent to us by a visitor to our site. We invite others to share their viewpoints with us. Dear Two Roads, My (Jewish) cousin is going to marry a Catholic man and this has divided our family. My folks will attend the reception but not [Read More]


As far as slogans go the Oakland Raider NFL franchise had it right. They marketed their team to the world with the catchphrase “Commitment to Excellence.” By and large, the Al Davis owned club of the 70’s and 80’s lived up to that motto. Of course, “Commitment to Excellence” is a concept not restricted to [Read More]


Not long ago, this poignant message was posted on the Internet: Maybe someone can help me here? I consider myself a very spiritual person. I pray everyday and the Lord is very present in my life. I have been married for 8 1/2 years to a great man with whom I’m deeply in love with. [Read More]


Ever use an air pump to inflate a bicycle tire or a basketball? When you push down on the pump handle, you get the sensation that the pump is pushing back. Well, of course, it is. In the middle of the seventh century, the English scientist Robert Hooke developed an explanation for such behavior. He [Read More]

David’s Story

David was a fine Jewish boy, who excelled in his studies and was well-liked by everyone. However, he attended a Catholic school. His parents had decided that the quality of the education in the public schools was deteriorating, and since there was no Jewish school in their city, they sent him to the local Catholic [Read More]

December Dilemma

Issue of the week #4 “A couple has agreed upon marriage to raise the children according to one faith (for argument sake, let’s say Judaism). The non-Jewish spouse is trying to “get with the program” and is contemplating conversion – but hasn’t quite reconciled all the issues. The end of the year is upon them [Read More]


A wise man once said that “Pain shrinks the world.” One who is experiencing the acute pain of a toothache, for example, is not capable of relating to anything except the alleviation of that pain. NASA could land a man on Mars and he could care less. For many, our lives are perceived as trying [Read More]

Glossary of Hebrew expressions for site

  Talmud Talmud, which signifies “study,” is devoted to the ORAL Torah first transmitted to Moses at Mount Sinai. It was maintained as an oral tradition for centuries until the First Century C.E. The core of the ORAL Torah is the Mishnah, or codification of the Halachah, compiled by the Tannaim (scholars/teachers) beginning with R. [Read More]

Glossary of Personalities

Ramchal Is a name by which Rabbi Luzzato is commonly known and is a Hebrew acronym for Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto, scholar and teacher of Jewish ethics who lived in the 18th Century. Among his works, the Mesillas Yesharim, or Path of the Just, stands out both as an introduction to traditional Jewish philosophy, and [Read More]