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A Rabbi Cross-Examines Christianity

A Rabbi Cross-Examines Christianity Social media and collage campuses are a hotbed for debate and religious coercion. Utilizing Jewish, Christian, Talmudic and other historical sources we unravel the questions: Who was Jesus and what does the bible really say about the messiah, God and salvation, and why is it relevant today? SPEAKER: Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz [Read More]

Can You Make a Christian Out of a Jew?

Brigham Young posed the question: "Can you make a Christian of a Jew?" andthen proceeded to answer it. What position of authority did Young have within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to enable him to rule on this question? In the Journal of Discourses, a Latter-day Saints publication, Brigham Young declared:

Religion and School: The Law

Every school year Jews for Judaism receives numerous calls from concerned parents and professionals regarding the growing and alarming phenomenon of Jewish public school students being pursued by individuals and groups targeting them for conversion.