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Isaiah 53 – The Suffering Servant

An examination of the text of Isaiah 53: How it is understood by Jews and how it is  often presented by missionaries in an attempt to mislead Jews and influence them to convert to Christianity. Part 1:   Stream Audio     Download MP3 Part 2:   Stream Audio     Download MP3 

Isaiah 53 – Verse by Verse

Isaiah 53 – a Verse by Verse Exposition

52:13 Behold, My servant shall succeed; he will be exalted and become high and exceedingly lofty. The success and exaltation of God’s servant is an event that the prophet sees as futuristic. The immediate context (52:7-12) tells us that this is part of the blessing that Israel will experience at the time of her restoration. [Read More]

Isaiah 53 Explained

A Response to Chosen People Ministries Isaiah 53 Campaign

Q) I was given a book by a friend entitled: Isaiah 53-Explained. It is very confusing and I really don’t know who “the Servant” is……It sounds like it IS talking about “Yeshua Hamoschaich” (Jesus). Is it? A) The book, published by Chosen People Ministry, and distributed free to thousands of Jewish homes, is part of [Read More]