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5 Surprising Facts About Judaism

Including you don’t need to be Jewish to get to Heaven.

1. We are meant to savor the pleasures of the world: The Jerusalem Talmud says that God will take us to task for not partaking in permissible pleasures of this world1. God didn’t put the delights of this world here to tease us. Enjoy that hot fudge sundae, but do it mindfully, like a connoisseur, [Read More]

A Parent’s Cry for Help

Our oldest son informed us that he was dating a Christian girl.  At the start, we reluctantly accepted the relationship, expecting that it would not last. After all, how could it?  He attended Jewish day school through eighth grade, and continued his Jewish studies through high school. We were active in our synagogue, kept kosher [Read More]

A Tale of Two Mountains

The University Crisis A Tale of Two Mountains by: Rabbi YY Jacobson Children’s Wisdom A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, “Everyone who thinks he’s stupid, please stand up!” After a few seconds, little Johnny stood up. The teacher was surprised, but realized this [Read More]

Are You a Candidate for Recruitment?

“No one JOINS a Cult – they are RECRUITED” Most people assume that if someone gets caught up in a group or organization that appears “unhealthy” or “cult-like” they must have been weak or emotionally unstable and vulnerable to begin with. The reality is, that at any given moment, in any day, each one of [Read More]

Isaiah 53 – Verse by Verse

Isaiah 53 – a Verse by Verse Exposition

52:13 Behold, My servant shall succeed; he will be exalted and become high and exceedingly lofty. The success and exaltation of God’s servant is an event that the prophet sees as futuristic. The immediate context (52:7-12) tells us that this is part of the blessing that Israel will experience at the time of her restoration. [Read More]

Maimonides – Laws Pertaining to The Messiah

Maimonides   »   Mishneh Torah   »   Sefer Shoftim   »   Melachim uMilchamot Chapter 11 Halacha 1 In the future, the Messianic king will arise and renew the Davidic dynasty, restoring it to its initial sovereignty. He will build the Temple and gather the dispersed of Israel. Then, in his days, the observance of all the statutes will return to [Read More]

The Double-Edged Evangelical Embrace


Obviously, not all missionaries wear “Jews for Jesus” T-shirts, distribute religious tracts or wave the New Testament.  Most evangelism is far more subtle.  Many groups seeking to missionize Jews will insist that they have no such agenda, and instead they choose a more indirect route. Two guiding principles drive their evangelism.  Firstly, they assume that Jewish people resist the [Read More]