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“Kosher Jesus” – A Book Review

In his new, highly controversial book, Kosher Jesus, Shmuley Boteach sets the stage by describing the strong overtures of Christian love towards Israel and the Jewish people.  Boteach views this development as a positive step in the Jewish – Christian relationship; however, Boteach points out, there is still a sticking point between Jews and Christians, and [Read More]

Christ in the Passover: Why is this Night Different?

“Christ in the Passover: Why is this Night Different?” A Critical Book Review by Gerald Sega Christ in the Passover: Why is this Night Different?  By Ceil and Moishe Rosen. Moody Press, Chicago. 112 pages. 1980   Christ in the Passover is a superb example of the Christian missionary contribution to the magician’s art.  


  Future Hope FACING A HOPELESS FUTURE A Critical Book Review By Gerald Sigal Future Hope:  A Jewish Christian Look at the End of the World By David Brickner. San Francisco:  Purple Pomegranate Productions. 1999.  154 pages. Among evangelical Protestants "end of this world" predictions have been big business for centuries.  It has spawned thousands [Read More]

The Da Vinci Code

A Jewish Perspective

How are we to understand the unprecedented popularity of The Da Vinci Code? Dan Brown’s novel and the box office smash hit film based upon it assert that there has been a massive conspiracy covering up the true story of the origins of Christianity. Is there any truth to this claim? And what does all [Read More]