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Evangelical movement on the rise

Published:  11/15/2007 From JTA: Full Article on JTA NEW YORK (JTA) — An arctic blast has emptied the streets of the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn, yet inside the Living Springs Family Center, a storefront Pentecostal church with stamped-tin ceilings, the space heaters are cranked up. So is the music, an upbeat gospel heavy [Read More]

From Behind The Orange Curtain

Article from HERITAGE newspaper 2/5/2001 Used with permission ‘Jews for Judaism’ message: “Christianity is not a religion for Jews” by Stan Brin That an Orthodox might speak to teenagers and parents of a Conservative congregation might be considered news by itself. And that the teens, their parents — and their rabbi — appreciated the Orthodox [Read More]

GPS for the Jewish Soul – Sept. 14, 2014

In this episode of GPS for the Jewish Soul, Ruth Guggenheim is joined by Jews for Judaism Outreach Coordinator, Ira Michaelson. The discussion centers around a lawsuit being brought to trial in Florida where a Jewish woman accuses her step son, a Jews for Jesus employee of printing false information about her in a Jews [Read More]

Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”

We Need a Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”— Not Jews for Jesus Published:  12/6/2016 From: By: Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz   We Need a Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”— Not Jews for Jesus Concerns over the rise of political and nationalistic hostility toward Jews are valid, but they are not new. The [Read More]

Kol Hamevaser Interviews Ruth Guggenheim

An Interview with Ruth Guggenheim, Executive Director of Jews for Judaism East Coast

By Atara Siegel – Published Feb 18, 2014 Ruth Guggenheim serves as the executive director for Jews for Judaism, an anti-missionary organization active on college campuses and in the wider Jewish community AS:Can you tell us a little about the history and mission of Jews for Judaism? RG: Jews for Judaism was founded 30 years [Read More]

Messianic groups fly under Valley’s Radar

A goal of the movement is to “provoke our Jewish brothers and sisters to jealousy,” so they will accept Jesus as the messiah, according to a passage from the New Testament paraphrased on, the Web site of Phoenix-based Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI). A messianic outreach organization, JVMI broadcasts its message to millions of people worldwide, including in Israel, through high definition digital cameras from inside its new International Messianic Media Center.