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The Jesus Narrative In The Talmud

The Jesus Narrative In The Talmud Written by Gil Student Introduction There are four main passages in the Talmud that are alleged by some to discuss the story of Jesus’ life and death.  What we will do here is to analyze closely these passages and see the reasons one may or may not attribute these [Read More]

5 Surprising Facts About Judaism

Including you don’t need to be Jewish to get to Heaven.

1. We are meant to savor the pleasures of the world: The Jerusalem Talmud says that God will take us to task for not partaking in permissible pleasures of this world1. God didn’t put the delights of this world here to tease us. Enjoy that hot fudge sundae, but do it mindfully, like a connoisseur, [Read More]

A Rabbi Cross-examines Christianity

In a Rabbi Cross Examines Christianity, Rabbi Michael Skobac takes you on a fascinating exploration of how a small Messianic movement within Judaism, 2,000 years ago, transformed into a radically non-Jewish world religion. In this lecture, you will learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity, how those roots became obscured over the course of time [Read More]

A Six-Minute Counter-missionary Course

In A Six-Minute Counter-missionary Course Christian missionaries, like Jews for Jesus, claim that Jesus is the Jewish messiah! Why has Judaism rejected this assertion for 2,000 years? Questions should be directed to [email protected] or visit

A Vacuum Yet To Be Filled

Dear Rebbetzin Jungreis, I have wanted to write you for a long time because you helped me in such a profound way. I am so very thankful for your work, your message, your books, and your unapologetic call to all Jews to return to our Torah and heritage. Three years ago, I was in the [Read More]

According to the Book of Revelation, Jesus promised to return “quickly.” What does “quickly mean”?

According to the Book of Revelation, Jesus promised to return “quickly.” What does “quickly mean”? Answer: In Revelation 22:12 (see also verse 20), Jesus declares, “I am coming quickly” to render judgment on mankind. To God, a thousand years is like an earthly day that has already passed (Psalms 90:4). It is a fleeting moment [Read More]