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From Messianic Jew to Counter-Missionary

Julius Ciss’ riveting story of his five-year involvement in the “Hebrew Christian” movement is a unique “insider’s” perspective on a process that has ensnared thousands of Jews. Julius recounts his discovery of why Judaism rejects the missionary message, and describes the return to his own faith, ultimately leading him to establish the Canadian branch of Jews for Judaism.

The Da Vinci Code

A Jewish Perspective

How are we to understand the unprecedented popularity of The Da Vinci Code? Dan Brown’s novel and the box office smash hit film based upon it assert that there has been a massive conspiracy covering up the true story of the origins of Christianity. Is there any truth to this claim? And what does all [Read More]

Choose Life: A Counter-Missionary (Study Guide)

Why Should Jews Learn the Response to Missionaries’ Claims? Most Jews, at one time or another, will be confronted by missionaries, whether in person or through their literature. The Choose Judaism Booklet provides an overview of the relevant issues.

Homeland Defense

For the past 21/2 years, our hearts and the hearts of all lovers of Zion have been heavy with concern. The perpetual reign of brutal terror that has taken hundreds of lives, crippled thousands and devastated our spiritual homeland impacts all of us. Against this horrific backdrop of physical violence, we tend to overlook the [Read More]