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Since the early 1960s, the rates of Jewish intermarriage have mushroomed, increasing tenfold. With extremely low birthrates and large numbers of Jewish people no longer identifying with the religion of Judaism – we are facing a grave demographic challenge. Many Jews are uncomfortable talking, or even thinking, about intermarriage – but this approach won’t make [Read More]

The Real Messiah? – Spanish

¿EL VERDADERO MES ´ IAS? - Una respuesta Jud´ıa a los Misioneros

A Jewish Response to Missionaries – By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan – 64-Page Book Campa˜nas misioneras est´an gastando incontables sumas de dinero en un esfuerzo por convertir a j´ovenes jud´ıos. ¿Cu´al es la respuesta jud´ıa? ¿Puede estar equivocado todo un bill´on de cristianos? ¿Por qu´e los Jud´ıos rechazan a Jes´us como el Mes´ıas? ¿Qu´e es un “mes´ıas”? ¿Qu´e es lo [Read More]

Stolen Minds

Understanding Cults

According to recent estimates, there are now over 5,000 cults operating throughout North America. The lives of countless people are being negatively impacted by these insidious groups.

Еврейская Ответ на миссионеров – Русский

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Russian

С более чем 360 000 в печати, и доступны в восьми других языках, еврейский ответ на миссионеров в русском ясным, кратким и легким для чтения руководство и отличный ресурс для родителей, студентов, молодых взрослых, педагогов и раввинов.