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Be-True Overview


Preserving Jewish Identity for Future Generations, now.
The Be-True Student Leadership Program was created by students for students to promote a sense of Jewish identity through education, thereby helping Jewish teens and young adults become less susceptible to deceptive proselytizing on their campuses. 

Working with a team of collaborating agencies including Hillel, JSU, LA Hebrew High and JCA Shalom Institute, the Be-True initiative has developed resources to help students and community agencies across the country.
Be-True is an initiative of Jews for Judaism, an international organization whose mission is to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity through education and counseling.

The Power of Persuasion

Explore techniques used by everyone from Tele-Marketers, Cult-Recruiters, and Terrorists, to influence thinking and behavior. Through a series of interactive demonstrations and case studies, you will become aware of why one’s defenses fail and how critical thinking can be derailed. This fascinating program will make you “street smart”, enhance critical thinking skills and provide tools [Read More]