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Be-True Booklet

The Be-True program empowers high school and college students with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and tools to cope with peer pressure.

Choose Life: A Counter-Missionary (Study Guide)

Why Should Jews Learn the Response to Missionaries’ Claims? Most Jews, at one time or another, will be confronted by missionaries, whether in person or through their literature. The Choose Judaism Booklet provides an overview of the relevant issues.

Die jüdische Antwort auf Missionare – In Deutsch

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - German

Mit mehr als 360.000 im Druck, und in acht weiteren Sprachen, die jüdische Antwort auf Missionare in Deutsch ist eine klare, präzise und leicht zu lesen Handbuch und eine hervorragende Ressource für Eltern, Schüler, Jugendliche, Lehrer und Rabbiner.

Faith Strengthened (Chizzuk Emunah)

Abstract From The Author’s Preface My religious zeal was aroused, on finding that the name of the Supreme Being was dishonored, and our Holy Law profaned, by the very people who had been appointed to be the guardians of faith and the witnesses of those grand truths which make the simple man wise, the sorrowing [Read More]

From Mesianic Jew to Counter-Missionary

ROM MESSIANIC JEW TO COUNTER-MISSIONARY: By Julius Ciss, Executive Director, JEWS FOR JUDAISM (Canada) Julius Ciss’ riveting story of his five-year involvement in the “Hebrew Christian” movement is a unique “insider’s” perspective on a process that has ensnared thousands of Jews. Julius recounts his discovery of why Judaism rejects the missionary message, and describes the [Read More]

Intermarriage: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

By Rabbi Michael Skobac – 32-Page Book   Since the early 1960s, the rates of Jewish intermarriage have mushroomed, increasing tenfold. With extremely low birth rates and large numbers of Jewish people no longer identifying with the religion of Judaism – we are facing a grave demographic challenge. Many people are uncomfortable talking, or even [Read More]

Jews and “Jewish Christianity”

Jews And “Jewish Christianity” A Jewish Response to the Missionary Challenge by David Berger and Michael Wyschogrod CONTENTS Preface to The First Printing A Note to the Reader 1. Introduction 2. Jesus and the Messiah 3. Jesus and God 4. “Proofs” of Christianity in the Hebrew Bible 5. The Forgiveness of Sin 6. On Jews, [Read More]

La réponse juive à Missionnaires – français

The Jewish Response To Missionaries - French

Avec plus de 360 000 dans la presse, en 9 langues, ce claire, concise et facile à lire manuel est une excellente ressource pour les parents, les étudiants, les jeunes adultes, les éducateurs et les rabbins. Son information est à la fois éducatif, efficace et un superbe inoculation contre les efforts missionnaires. Les sujets traités [Read More]