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The Council of My Nation – Idolatry – Conclusion

G. Conclusion In summation we can state that the underlying theme of all scripture is that God is God and that everyone and everything else are but His creations. The most important line in the universe is the one that stands between Creator and created. The foundation of our relationship with God is recognition of [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Idolatry – Traditional Sources

F. Traditional Sources Yet another missionary tactic employed in their effort to promote their theology is the usage of traditional Jewish sources. There are statements and phrases to be found in the mystical writings of the Jewish people which can be misconstrued to be read as support for Christian theology. There is no real reason [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Idolatry – An Exalted King and an Exalted Nation

E. An Exalted King and an Exalted Nation I recently discovered another missionary presentation which encourages worship of a human. This missionary work pointed to all the references in scripture which describe devotion to the Davidic kings. Psalm 89:28 is quoted where the Davidic king is “most high”. Psalm 72:11 has people bowing to the [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Idolatry – Anthropomorphisms

D. Anthropomorphisms Christians sometimes quote passages in scripture that speak of God in anthropomorphic terms. These passage may refer to God’s hands or feet, they may talk of God going down or up, in short these passages speak of God in a way that in a literal sense, would only be applicable to humans. Take [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Preface

The purpose of this work is to help you understand and appreciate the belief system known as Judaism. When Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, there were many belief systems that held sway in the Western world. There were also numerous variants of Christianity that had taken root amongst the population [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Idolatry – Plural Terminology

C. Plural Terminology Another category of verses that Christians quote in an attempt to justify their theology are those passages in which God is spoken of in plural terminology. This category can be further classified into three subdivisions. There are verses in which a plural term is used to describe an action of God or [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Scripture – Messiah

Christians view the Jewish rejection of the Christian Messiah as the most significant issue dividing the Christian and the Jew. The fact is though that the difference runs much deeper. Our respective understandings of the very concept of Messiah stand poles apart from each other. Aside from the technical issues, such as the difference of [Read More]