My Journey Home to Judaism – Part 11

This is the last part of the 11 part series on the writer’s journey back to Judaism. For the other parts, read this

Home at last . . .

I called up the closest full synagogue to me.  That was over two hours away and in another state!  I left a long message about how I was a Jew who wanted to come home and we waited.  Holding my breath at the sound of the phone ringing, my heart beat with extra fervency.

It is was the rabbi of a local Chabad house on the line!  Yes, he would meet with us right away.  We drove the whole family to the little shul nervous as never before.  We shared our story with the kind, Chasidic man, who came to meet us with a big smile.

There was a tefillin wrapping, at fun pictures were taken, and smiles all around.  Since my husband had Jewish heritage, but it was not halachic, our rabbi kindly sponsored him for gerus and he met with a highly respected Beit Din.  We moved right next to the shul and our studies began!  My husband had been studying for a while before our change over, and now everything fits!

He soon finished his gerus journey and immersed in a mikvah and we had our observant Jewish wedding at our local Chabad house among tons of Israelis and the presence of Hashem’s warmth.

We are fully Jewish now, on our walk, and our family.  Our kids attend Jewish Online School, and we know our journey was just begun!

We enjoy learning from those who have walked this path before us, immersing ourselves in all that Judaism has to enjoy.  Our Hebrew is still slow, but our hearts are full, and our understanding is growing each day.

To the Jewish friend that is reading this, thank you for your time to hear to our story.  May I share with you, that you too can find true spirituality and vibrancy right in Judaism and following Hashem’s ways.  A world of joy and beauty await you when you also come home!

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