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Israel’s God is Real. How Do I Know?

The answer to the skeptic is that most ancient pagan myths saw the existence of death and conflict of preexistent creatures as the basis of the creative act (the killing of the giant Ymir in Norse myth in order to create the world, or the slaying of the dragon Tiamat by Marduk to make the Earth). These myths are totally in disharmony with all the scientific facts.

Can an Orthodox Rabbi Respect Billy Graham?

The funeral of “America’s Pastor,” the Reverend Billy Graham, has been described as a continuation of the decades of his evangelical preaching. In his eulogy, son and successor, Franklin Graham restated his father’s message that “Jesus is the only way” to God. His message included a call to “repentance and salvation” saying that there was [Read More]

Three Divine Echoes: Singularity, Plurality and Oneness

We usually think of the cosmic struggle in terms of good versus evil. But according to the Kabbalists, good and evil are but spinoffs of unity and divisiveness. G‑d is the ultimate oneness, and everything G‑dly in our world bears the stamp of His unity. Evil, simply stated, is the distortion of this oneness by the veil of divisiveness in which G‑d shrouds His creation.

Blood Atonement

Christians insist that blood sacrifice is a necessary prerequisite for the atonement of sin. These Christians believe that this is an open teaching of the Jewish Scriptures. Although there is no verse which explicitly says: “without blood there is no atonement” Christians still believe that the overall testimony of the Jewish Scriptures would lead one to this conclusion.