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Meeting The Challenge – Hebrew Christians and the Jewish Community

Meeting The Challenge: Hebrew Christians and the Jewish Community Originally prepared by The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York Task Force on Missionaries and Cults 1. Introduction It has been over 2000 years since the final break between Judaism and Christianity. The early Jewish leadership perceived the increasing danger of confusion between classical Judaism [Read More]

Struggling With God

David Hazony’s recent book The Ten Commandments reveals that while most people feel strongly about the commandments, few are actually able to enumerate them. Even for those who have pondered these foundational spiritual directives, the very first one is often perplexing. Indeed, some thinkers have questioned whether the introductory statement that “I am the Lord [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – Preface to The First Printing

Jews And “Jewish Christianity” A Jewish Response to the Missionary Challenge by David Berger and Michael Wyschogrod Contents Preface to The First Printing A Note to the Reader 1. Introduction 2. Jesus and the Messiah 3. Jesus and God 4. “Proofs” of Christianity in the Hebrew Bible 5. The Forgiveness of Sin 6. On Jews, [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – Jesus and the Messiah

Let us begin with the fundamental belief that Jesus was – and is – the Messiah. Since the very word Christ means Messiah, this belief lies at the heart of the Christian faith. But how do we go about testing the claim that Jesus was the Messiah? The first thing to remember is that the [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – “Proofs” of Christianity in the Hebrew Bible

“Jewish Christians” invariably emphasize the existence of proofs in the Hebrew Bible for everything they believe about Jesus. It is this claim that justifies the entire enterprise of “Jewish Christianity”, and although it is no longer as fashionable among other Christians as it once was, it really is central to the entire development of Christianity. [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – Jesus and God

The claim that Jesus was the Messiah is one of the beliefs separating Judaism from Christianity. We have explained the Jewish understanding of the Messiah, especially that Judaism never understood the Messiah to be anything more than a human being chosen by God to bring the era of peace and love foretold by the prophets [Read More]

Jews and Jewish Christianity – The Forgiveness of Sin

Contemporary Christianity appears in various forms. While there was a time when almost all Christian churches were engaged in missionizing Jews, in recent times most churches have discontinued special efforts directed at Jews. There are various reasons for this change. One of the most significant is the widespread conviction among many Christian thinkers that Judaism [Read More]