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Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”

We Need a Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”— Not Jews for Jesus Published:  12/6/2016 From: By: Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz   We Need a Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”— Not Jews for Jesus Concerns over the rise of political and nationalistic hostility toward Jews are valid, but they are not new. The [Read More]

The Jewish Community and The Non-believer

The Apostate and the Jewish Community The concept of a multi-religions Jewish people is incongruous with the unparalleled historical continuity and social cohesion of the Jewish-religio-national community. In both a secular and religious sense, the Jewish people are a religiously based community, united with their brethren throughout the world by virtue of religion. This is [Read More]


the following article – a report on our very successful “Just say Know” seminar – appeared in the “South African Jewish Report” on Friday, 6th October 2000. by David Saks A day-long seminar, hosted by the anti-cult organisation Jews for Judaism, was held at Eduworld on 24 September to deal with the growing missionary menace [Read More]