The Jewish Passion for God is about
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The Quest for Spiritual Growth

Have you ever heard anyone say that their Hebrew school experience was terrible? Or that Judaism is not that relevant to their lives? Or maybe that they have not been to a synagogue since their Bar Mitzvah?  

For many people, Judaism is about do's and don'ts, about food and family, or about social justice. Too often these practices are unfortunately devoid of spirituality and meaning. 

The truth is that every aspect of Jewish tradition has a spiritual component and within it. There are many powerful life lessons within traditions that can be be turned into Jewish spiritual growth.  

Jewish Spiritual Growth Through Mitzvah 

The following is a powerful example. The root of the Hebrew word 'Mitzvah', commonly translated as 'commandment', actually means 'connection'. 

Whenever someone does a mitzvah, it is as if they are reaching out and strengthening their relationship with God and connecting with him.  

Jewish tradition tells us that, with in the Torah or Bible, Mitzvah is a blueprint for connecting our world to the Infinite and Source of our lives. 

This relationship with the Infinite is a special connection that every person possess. The question we have is how do we develop it?  

The Root of Jewish Spirituality

What is Jewish Spirituality? It is deep and true.

It involves our deepest emotions but is not limited to them.  Dig deeper with our Jewish Passion Reading List below!

Jewish spirituality is: 

  • - loving God completely and faithfully
  • - understanding what we hope to receive from Him
  • - knowing how we can respond to His guidance in our lives 
Jewish Passion Reading List 4 (1)

There is no deeper and abiding connection than that between a Jew and God.

"There is no deeper and abiding connection than that between a Jew and God."

Jewish spirituality is not just a feeling. It is a relationship and an eternal covenant.

Jewish Passion Reading List

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