Jews for Judaism Los Angeles 2014 Gala

The Mission of Jews for Judaism is to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity through education and counseling that counteracts deceptive proselytizing targeting Jews for conversion and promotes critical thinking. Jews for Judaism is an international organization that provides a wide variety of counseling services, along with education, and outreach programs that enable Jews of all [Read More]

GPS for the Jewish Soul

GPS for the Jewish Soul is a bi weekly feature of Shalom USA airing on 1370AM (on the radio) and (on the internet). The show features your host, Ruth Guggenheim of Jews for Judaism. Ruth is joined each week by a special guest to discuss the Whys and Wonders of Judaism.

Stolen Minds

Understanding Cults

According to recent estimates, there are now over 5,000 cults operating throughout North America. The lives of countless people are being negatively impacted by these insidious groups.

Еврейская Ответ на миссионеров – Русский

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Russian

С более чем 360 000 в печати, и доступны в восьми других языках, еврейский ответ на миссионеров в русском ясным, кратким и легким для чтения руководство и отличный ресурс для родителей, студентов, молодых взрослых, педагогов и раввинов.

Be-True Booklet

The Be-True program empowers high school and college students with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and tools to cope with peer pressure.