Rabbi Blumenthal

The Hidden World

Our sages teach, “All the festivals are destined to be nullified [in the Messianic age], but the days of Purim will never cease to be observed.” (Midrash Mishlei 9:1) This startling comment may be understood if we consider the placement of Purim in the sequence of the other Jewish holidays. It may be suggested that [Read More]

Struggling With God

David Hazony’s recent book The Ten Commandments reveals that while most people feel strongly about the commandments, few are actually able to enumerate them. Even for those who have pondered these foundational spiritual directives, the very first one is often perplexing. Indeed, some thinkers have questioned whether the introductory statement that “I am the Lord [Read More]

Jews for Jesus – Heavenly Deception?

Just a few examples: 1) In a Jews for Jesus booklet entitled “Jewishness And The Trinity,” in an attempt to prove their point they quote a non-existent passage from the “Zohar” a classic book of Jewish mysticism. 2) In a book titled “Share the New Life with a Jew, “ Jews for Jesus founder Moishe [Read More]

Stolen Minds

Understanding Cults

According to recent estimates, there are now over 5,000 cults operating throughout North America. The lives of countless people are being negatively impacted by these insidious groups.

Еврейская Ответ на миссионеров – Русский

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Russian

С более чем 360 000 в печати, и доступны в восьми других языках, еврейский ответ на миссионеров в русском ясным, кратким и легким для чтения руководство и отличный ресурс для родителей, студентов, молодых взрослых, педагогов и раввинов.

Jews for Judaism Speakers Bureau

Jews for Judaism’s educational programs are a powerful way of strengthening our communities against the threat
of deceptive and aggressive missionaries and stimulate an honest assessment of our spiritual health and are an inspiring catalyst for positive change.

La respuesta judía a los Misioneros – Portugués

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Portuguese

Com mais de 360 mil na impressão, e está disponível em oito línguas, a resposta judaica para missionários em Portuguse é um manual claro, conciso e de fácil leitura e um excelente recurso para os pais, estudantes, adultos jovens, educadores e rabinos. Sua informação é educativo, eficaz e uma excelente inoculação contra esforços missionários.